Climbing Plants: Should You Add Them to Your Garden?

There are many aspects to having a pleasing garden. When it comes to choosing plants and different types of additions to any garden, personal taste is something that usually comes into play first. Some like to keep it simple and striking, and some like to keep it intricate and textured. When you are one of the latter, you may decide that something like climbing plants can help you fill in some of the spaces that don’t feel quite right. When plants can climb, they add a whole new dimension to a garden and the accessories that you have added.

One of the most common places you find climbing plants is along the side of some houses. They certainly add an interesting touch to any home. However, they can be used in a garden in the same way if you have a brick wall or even a wooden wall. When the climbing plants grow along with such structures, they add a new look and can fill in some areas that might be lacking in color. You can always trim them down if you feel they are taking up too much of any wall or surface so that you don’t have an entirely green fence or wall if that is not what you want.

Climbing plants also work well if you have any other type of structure. If you have something with any height or width, you can get plants that climb to give them a new look. A trellis is often very nice in any garden, but adding climbing plants will give them a whole new look. You can go with something that is entirely green, or so with something that blooms such as the very beautiful Morning Glory plant that comes with blooms in a few different shades. You can even add this touch to an old wheelbarrow for a new garden piece, or have the plants climbing up the side of your supply shed if you wish.

Once you have decided that climbing plants would make a great addition to your garden, you do have to think about the right type for your climate. There are usually some that work no matter where you live or what your weather might be, but you do want something that will thrive rather than just survive. This is when it pays to do some research online, and then to go to your local garden store to ask someone what they would recommend and what sells the best. You can find something that will match the look you want while remaining healthy and beautiful no matter what mother nature might decide to throw at your throughout the year.

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