Arthritis: Treatments You May Not Know

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and many people with arthritis may not even know they have it. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis or knee arthritis. This condition is sometimes referred to as “patellar” arthritis, although in general, people with this condition are not obese.

Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the cartilage, which cushions the ends of the bones, causing joint pain. There are two types of arthritis: the first type is called inflammatory arthritis and the second type is called non-inflammatory arthritis. The former is caused by bacteria that feed on the body’s tissue. The non-inflammatory kind is more common but is caused by swelling of the cartilage.

Inflammation of the joints can be caused by a number of things. Genetics and age are major causes of arthritis. Some causes include smoking, certain drugs, trauma, and autoimmune diseases. Another major cause is the improper growth of cartilage, which then leads to the deterioration of the joint. Another factor is improper or incorrect treatment of the disease, which leads to further damage.

Certain medications can also cause inflammation of the joint. Anti-depressants, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and blood thinners can all cause inflammation, resulting in pain and joint discomfort.

Antibiotics and birth control pills are both known to have bad side effects, so they’re usually avoided when seeking treatment for arthritis. However, not everyone with arthritis has a negative reaction to taking medication, so it’s important to determine if the pain is really caused by the medication, or by other symptoms like diarrhea, fatigue, or night sweats.

Icy cold water is an effective way to relieve joint pain. It has a numbing effect, which can also help a little with the inflammation. After a day of soaking in the tub, warm bath water can help with the pain temporarily.

Activated Charcoal (Beachwood, Anthem) works well for treating joint pain because it also helps improve the circulation of the knee joint. They can be sprayed on the joints or dabbed on the knees or feet. Remember, though, to never use this on your knee joints!

Oral pain relievers like Motrin, Advil, and Aspirin are all hypoallergenic brands. They’re recommended for mild arthritis pain only. These oral medications work by decreasing the inflammation of the joints.

Yoga and stretching exercises are excellent ways to ease the pain, as they help prevent the pain from worsening. They also promote healthy joints and increase flexibility, which helps to maintain the joint condition. Pain can be minimized by using these simple exercises regularly.

Icing the affected area can help prevent swelling. Inhaling steam can help to relieve some pain. Cucumber, basil, and slippery elm are all helpful herbs to help with joint pain.

While no amount of knowledge will tell you what kind of treatment to use for your joint pain, by using a combination of these tips, you should be able to alleviate your pain. If you have arthritis and don’t know what type of treatment to use, consult with your doctor or a healthcare provider.

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